Foreign Teacher Admission Procedures

The ABIE Training Institute delivers trainings to 10,000 trainees every year.

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Foreign Team

Kyle Moran (United States)Academic Control Manager

B.A. and M.A. in Secondary Education; over seven years work experience in the education field spanning four countries.

"At ABIE, our centers give opportunities to students to practice English, especially oral English. We provide more personalized approaches to learning and individual development."

Ryan Kittel (Canada)Foreign Teacher

Three years of English teaching experience in China.

"As students speak more English, I see their confidence improve. They not only speak with us but their peers. This is what we want to see in class."

Local Team

Pin LuAcademic Assessment Manager

Graduated from University of Adelaide, Australia; 6 years of work experience in Australia and other countries; 3 years of TOFEL and IELTS teaching experience

"We use games and activities in class. During this process, interest and confidence are built up dramatically."

Darren HuangLocal Teacher

Graduated from the University of Regina

"I would like being creative and interactive in the classroom. I love children. I love being a teacher."

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