ABIE Teaching Methods

  • Foreign Teacher-led Classes

    ABIE provides foreign teacher-led American English classes fully supported by an experienced local team.

  • "Offline Classroom + Online Resources" Teaching Mode

    The MLW courseware works in conjunction with an AD Platform comprised of homework and tests, an online video bank, games and activities, and a teacher's course management system to provide students with a richer course experience.

  • Socio-cultural development and 21st Century Skills

    ABIE advocates for the development of the whole person through the three main aspects of 21st Century Skills: Life and Career Skills, Learning and Innovation Skills, and Media and Technology Skills.

  • American Public School Curriculum

    ABIE’s teaching methods include CLIL principles. Mathematics, geography, science, art, and other subjects are utilized to engage with the English language in a very natural way. All of our centers embrace the concept of total immersion. From the moment each student enters, until the moment they leave, nothing but English is spoken.

  • AFL - Assessment For Learning

    ABIE's teachers and researchers found that when students fully participate in classroom assessment in the form of AFL, they become more aware of their strengths. When they reach their own set of learning goals, they will have a strong sense of achievement, a better understanding of their own need to strengthen the weak links, and establish learning self-confidence.

  • Immediate class quality
    control guarantees children
    develop along the right path.

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    We would like to have an effect on children that lasts for at least the
    next decade of their lives.

    We strive to help children grow stronger to react to future challenges.

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    In this era of innovation and challenge, as long as we follow the correct learning concepts,
    every child can "Speak Like American Born" and become an international citizen of the 21st century.

    Parents' Voices

    "Ioannes can never wait to attend classes at ABIE. The teachers know how to help him learn in an efficient and very active way. ABIE has been very helpful in building up his interest and confidence in learning English. I hope he can learn more at ABIE to prepare for the future."

    -Ioannes' mother

    "Six months ago, Amy attended an ABIE class for the first time. She was so shy when greeting the teachers. But everything's changed in those six months. Now she wants to express herself, to cooperate with other students, and to explore new things in the world. She is becoming a girl with broader views and better critical thinking skills, and I owe it all to ABIE.

    -Amy's mother

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